Minutes of Meeting of Board of Governors of the Weimaraner Club of America, March 8, 1950 - PDF

Some Comments Concerning Revisions to the AKC Weimaraner Standard: 1944-Present by Elizabeth Wood

Homer Carr's article on the Blue Weimaraner

Blue Banshee Weimaraners

The Genetics of the Weimaraner Coat Color... Blue and Gray by Ted Jarmie - PDF

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The Blue Mar Magazine (Publication of and for Blue Weimaraner owners and friends)
July 1971 - PDF
October 1971 - PDF
January 1972 - PDF
July 1972 - PDF
December 1972 - PDF
Summer 1973 - PDF

The Weimaraner Magazine (Official Publication of the Weimaraner Club of America)
Advertising of Blues banned - May 1968 - PDF
Secretary's Corner, Official notice of future Blue Vote - January 1970 - PDF
December 5, 1969 Board Meeting Minutes - February 1970 - PDF
For and Against Arguments - February 1970 - PDF
For and Against Rebuttals - March 1970 -  PDF
Letter to all Weimaraner Owners from the WCA Board of Directors - March 1970 -  PDF
Board Meeting Minutes - May 1970 - PDF
German Klub letter - April 1971- PDF
Results from the August 1971 vote - September 1971 - PDF
AKC letter on disqualification - February 1972 - PDF

Alternate translation of German Klub letter on the Blue Weimaraner - PDF
Comments on WCA translation of German Klub letter on the Blue Weimaraner - PDF

Omissions from WCA Meeting Minutes in Graymatter - PDF



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