Q - Are Blue Weimaraners purebred?
A - They are recognized as purebred by the AKC and are not mentioned in the FCI standard, which is the standard that is recognized in Germany where the Weimaraner originated. 

Q - Why do people discourage me from buying a Blue Weimaraner puppy?
A - The blue coat color is a disqualifying fault in the AKC standard, and breeding disqualifying faults is in violation of the Code of Ethics of the Weimaraner Club of America.

Q - Can two Gray Weimaraners produce a Blue?
A - Barring mutation which would be very rare, no.  (See Genetics to read why.)

Q - Can two Blue Weimaraners produce Grays?
A - Yes.   (See Genetics to read how.)

Q - Don't Blue Weimaraners have coat and skin problems?
A - No.  Alopecia has been seen in some Weimaraners, but this disease is believed to have something to do with the recessive dilute gene which all Weimaraners, Gray and Blue have.   Unfortunately, alopecia is sometimes called "Blue Dog Disease" or "Blue Doberman Disease."  Both are misnomers.  The more accurate name for this disease is Color Dilution Alopecia.  It is rare in Weimaraners. Weimaraners as a whole sometimes have allergy or skin problems but this is unrelated to coat color.



Anne Taguchi