This site would not have been possible without the help of the following people (an incomplete list):

  • Karen Sandvold, Kasamar Weimaraners, for her mentorship and friendship, and for her many years of Weimaraner knowledge always shared openly and honestly.  Also for providing me with priceless historical documentation.

  • Lee Meadows who generously loaned me his entire The Weimaraner Magazine library from 1968 to present.

  • Leslie Olsen, Weiknot Weimaraners, for copying and mailing me the hefty MOM, a document I feared I'd never get my hands on.

  • Mike Reilly, former Graymatter Editor, for going well out of his way to dig up old issues, copying and mailing to me.

  • Arlene Marshrey, Windwalker Weimaraners, for her support and for sending me extensive research documents.

  • Leslie Nicole for her assistance on site design and for her feedback.

  • Thomas Merkle for his German translation and for his feedback.

  • Steve Graham for his support and for providing me with the Homer Carr and Elizabeth Wood articles.

  • Gorden & Shirley Hansen, Outdoors Kennels, for their research help.

  • Christine Conklin, Michigan Weimaraner Rescue, for her research help.

  • Judy Mitchell, Erbenhof Weimaraners, for her research help.

  • Tina Dunn for her research help.

  • Joan Valdez, Valmar Weimaraners, for her research help.

  • ...... and the others who wish to be anonymous.



Anne Taguchi